Learn about:

  • Centuries Old Classical Riding Principles to keep your Horse Happy and Sound
  • How to Engage your Horse's Mind
  • How to Soften your Ques and get MORE from LESS
  • How Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine are Creating Miraculous Healing of Painful Joints
  • How to Create Lightness, Beginning in your Own Mind
  • What the Concepts of "Soft Feel" can do to Improve Communication and Training
  • Understanding the New Paradigm Regarding the Biomechanics of Horse/Human Interface

...and much more!

Manuel Trigo

​French Classical Equitation

and Lightness

Jane Savoie

3-time FEI Olympic Dressage Coach,

Author of "That Winning Feeling"

Suzie Halle

FEI Dressage,   Lightness of the Mind

Justin Dunn

​Mustangs & the Bitless Bridle

Virtual School Master Videos has created an incredible bank of interviews with celebrity Equestrian Experts from all over the WORLD on the subject of riding and handling our horses with LIGHTNESS!
From Classical Dressage to Cowboy Dressage, from Saddle Fit to Stem Cell treatments,
keeping our horses healthy, happy, and moving correctly all relates to the various concepts and techniques applied to create LIGHTNESS in mind, body, and spirit.

Tom Mowery &

Melanie Smith-Breidt

​Soft Feel and Lightness,

the Rest of the Story

Is the way you're riding bringing out the BEST in your horse, or causing him discomfort or concern? 
Do you want to better understand the biomechanics of the horse and rider interface? 
Do you want to ride your horse in a way that allows for more Lightness? 
Do you want to understand the biomechanices of correct riding? 

Announcing the LIGHTNESS SUMMIT! 

Rich Scott & Sue Smith

​Communication in

The Cowboy Tradition

Eric Paul Ziegler

Classical Equitation

Barbara Page, DVM

Stem Cells, Regenerative Medicine, Lightness Through Healing

Wendy Murdoch

​The Murdoch Method

Coach & Author

Anja Beran

​Author of "Elegant Dressage Training," from Germany

Joyce Harman, DVM

Saddle Fit and The Pain Free Back

Our Experts

Shawna Karrasch

Positive Reinforcement Training - "On-Target-Training"

Eitan Beth-Halachmy

Cowboy Dressage

Leslie Desmond

Author of "True Horsemanship Through Feel" with Bill Dorrance

Stephanie Millham

​Classical Dressage

Gerd Hueschmann, DVM

Author of "Tug of War: Classical Versus "Modern" Dressage"

Dominique Barbier

Enlightened Horsemanship from the

French Classical Tradition

Karen Oberlohr

Outside the Box,

Lightness for the Difficult Horse